venerdì 28 marzo 2014

Outfit Fashion Week again

And after a short break caused by important school homeworks, here we are for you, today we'll present to you the outfits for Etro Woman FashionShow. Here's to you!
 E dopo un breve periodo di pausa dovuto a importanti impegni di studio, rieccoci qui per voi, Oggi vi presentiamo L'outfit indossato per la Sfilata Donna di Etro. Ecco a voi!

Meg Wears:
Jacket: Moschino
Scarf: Alborghetti
shoes: dr Martens
dress: Nafnaf
gloves: Chanel
clutch bag: Chi sei?
socks: Asos

Fratch Wears:
Jeans: Calvin Klein Jeans
Jacket: Zara
Jacket(orange): Colmar
Shoes: Vans
Shirt: Zara

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